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Hare and Tortoise Thinking.

We are pleased to announce our next webinar with Nancy Hooper & Jonathan Newport based on the concept of Hare and Tortoise thinking.

This webinar is an opportunity to spend time considering how often we think fast and potentially rush into situations with distressed individuals in our care because we feel we need to sort it out there and then.

Sometimes, thinking slowly and having a self awareness level allows us to better support those we provide care to.

This webinar applies to individuals that work within Health & Social Care settings and will provide insight into care for those you support, whether they be adults or children.

Thursday, 23 June 2022 3:30 PM (BST)

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Meet The Speaker: Jonathan Newport

Global Managing Director at Team Teach

Jonathan Newport

At the heart of Jonathan’s work is a passion to change the dynamic for children, young people and adults who find themselves distressed and unable to regulate behaviour by supporting those who work closely with them to better understand their needs, improving outcomes and wellbeing for all.

Jonathan Newport is a behaviour specialist with over 30 years of experience. He has worked in a range of educational settings, he started his career in a mainstream Primary school, it was here that he developed a passion for puzzle solving with children who were struggling to ‘fit’ in their own classes, this is where he began to broaden his understanding around the concept of behaviour as communication.

This journey led him to work across primary and secondary in mainstream and independent sectors, including 17 years leading Barnardo’s largest residential special school. Here he was truly able to develop his thinking and expertise, creating solutions within the curriculum design that promoted positive behaviour for learning, allowing children and young people to be fit to learn and thrive as individuals, he created a culture of puzzle solving which allowed solutions for individuals and situations to be at the forefront of staff and parent thinking.

Within the school he set up a bespoke Primary provision, which on inspection was commended by Ofsted for its innovative approach, this led to that approach being adopted by other schools thanks to Jonathan’s pioneering and challenging thinking. As a high end residential special school dealing with the most complex needs, Jonathan was able to embed Team Teach thinking and practices which led to a reduction in physical interventions, which enabled the team to not have to physically intervene for a sustained period of time of over 3 years. Jonathan went on to be the Educational Lead for Barnardos and here he was able to share his portfolio of knowledge around behaviour and culture. Jonathan’s ability to create solutions for children with complex needs has led to him consulting for schools and other service settings.

In 2018 Jonathan started what he describes as his ‘Dream Job’ leading the Team Teach organisation. He sees the need to create transformational change and support for those who need it most and has become a passionate advocate for greater understanding on the subject of behaviour as communication and the need to put more supports in place for those who are distressed, keeping service user and staff wellbeing and mental health at the forefront of our training. He believes as we seek to reduce restraint, we must also develop our ability to reduce risk, thus safeguarding all. In his aim to develop the Team Teach thinking, he has been keen to show how the holistic approach adopted for children is transferable to the adult services, which has led him to work wider in the Health and Social Care sectors, looking specifically at dementia care.

As well as being sought after for consultancy he contributed to a wide range of educational publications including the TES and SEN magazine. A highly respected and engaging speaker and trainer, Jonathan delivers topics around behaviour, culture, learning, well-being, mental health, curriculum design, engagement and inclusion. He has spoken at NAHT conferences, The Education Show, Academies Show, Autism and Learning Disabilities and Dementia conferences as well as numerous other conferences and events. Jonathan is increasingly recognised internationally for his work in developing and supporting positive behaviour, ethos, and culture which has led him to engage with Ministers and Government departments, both in the UK and internationally. His monthly webinars are regularly oversubscribed as he engages with professionals to offer support and insight.